The Courier-Mail

Fat cops to be nipped in the butt


POLICE Commission­er Ian Stewart is forging ahead with his radical plan to ensure the state’s 11,500 crime fighters do more in the battle of the bulge.

Three years after he first flagged the controvers­ial reforms, Mr Stewart remains determined to convince unions and doctors of the merits of officers being given fitness tests and free GP visits every two years.

“It’s certainly still on my radar because I think it is in the best interests of our officers, the organisati­on, and the community as a whole,” Mr Stewart said.

“We’ve got people who have been in this organisati­on a very long time, and they’ve never had to worry about this. My real vision is about improving the health of our organisati­on and our people.

“I want them to be just as well the day they leave as when they arrive.”

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