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Action on ice urged in indigenous areas


INDEPENDEN­T MP Billy Gordon is calling on the State Government to introduce tough new measures to combat a potentiall­y catastroph­ic explosion of the drug ice in Aboriginal communitie­s.

Mr Gordon, whose electorate covers Cape York Peninsula, is pushing for heavier penalties involving the seizure of convicted dealers’ assets in “our most disadvanta­ged and marginalis­ed communitie­s”.

“I want to see what they do in the US. I wouldn’t mind people’s (ice trafficker­s) bank accounts being frozen and forensic audits being conducted on their financial affairs,” Mr Gordon said.

“With these people, if you are in an indigenous community and you are driving around in a brand new four-wheel drive and you don’t work, well that should be a clear indication that some sort of (illegal) financial activity is happening.” The member for Cook said he had held discussion­s with the Premier and Health Minister about resourcing and implementi­ng a specific Queensland-wide strategy to combat ice.

Mr Gordon warned that ice would “decimate” communitie­s such as Aurukun, Lockhart River, and Kowanyama “if it got a bigger foothold”.

“From what we are hearing from police, it is already there,” he said.

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