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ISIS vandals target ancient temple


CAIRO: The ISIS extremist group has demolished parts of the temple of Bel, the largest monumental complex in the ancient city of Palmyra, the Syrian Observator­y for Human Rights says.

A local activist group says the extremists had blown up the richly carved main temple building at the centre of the sanctuary. The force of the blast also caused major damage to the sanctuary’s colon- DES MOINES: Donald Trump continues to lead Republican US presidenti­al candidates but retired neurosurge­on Ben Car

son is closing the gap

l,nades and fortified outer wall, the Palmyra Coordinati­on activist group said.

The temple of Bel stands at the end of the ancient city’s column-lined main street.

Its central shrine area, or cella, was extremely well preserved. According to UN cultural agency UNESCO, the temple is “one of the most important religious buildings of the 1st century AD in the East and of unique design”. between them, according to a new poll.

Mr Trump is first with 23 per cent support, while Dr Carson has 18 per cent.

The Des Moines Register/ Bloomberg Politics survey results found that, although Mr Trump led Dr Carson, the latter had the highest favourabil­ity rating among the 17 GOP candidates. Just 8 per cent of those surveyed held negative views of Dr Carson. The poll also found support for the other Republican candidates, all seasoned politician­s, sank to single digits, percentage­wise.

“Wow,” Kedron Bardwell, an associate professor of political science at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, told the Des Moines Register. “This poll will have Republican consultant­s shaking heads in bewilderme­nt. Not since 1992 has anti-establishm­ent sentiment been this strong.”

Polls have found that support for non-establishm­ent candidates has run in parallel with growing anger at Democratic and Republican politician­s.

Mr Trump has reportedly built support among many of the country’s conservati­ve communitie­s.

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