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Booing and barracking part of the game


SYDNEY Swans star Adam Goodes was booed again at the weekend ( C-M, Aug 31).

Really? I’m a lifelong Swans supporter, and players such as Lance Franklin and Lewis Jetta, as well as the Hawks’ Sam Mitchell, get booed every match.

NRL players also get booed every game too.

Goodes kicked three great goals against the Saints and was booed.

Big deal. Goodes ignored the boos.

Supporters are sick of the AFL’s hypocritic­al interferen­ce in the culture of booing and barracking which is a part of all football codes.

The AFL have an obsession with “protecting” one player from booing.

What a joke. Just let fans be fans. George Harrod, Caboolture

ADAM Goodes returns to the field and so does the booing.

One has to wonder about the upbringing – or the lack of it – of these dregs of society who will boo another human for no other apparent reason than pure ignorance. Or worse still, just for a bit of a joke or a giggle.

How would they feel should their children come home from school or their workplace and say they had been booed and abused?

How many of them would go up to Goodes in the street or at a hotel and abuse him face to face?

Not one, I dare say, because they are cowards with a wild-dog-pack mentality.

They need to watch their mouth and respect others. John McQueen, Redbank Plains

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