The Courier-Mail

Stupid rules assist scams


VARIOUS people in previous issues have responded to the Word on the Street question: “What is the most stupid law, regulation or red tape you have to deal with in your life?”

I was confronted with a beauty.

After going online and ordering a product, I decided I no longer wanted that product due to the many add-ons involved.

I went to my bank the same day and asked to have payment for the items, which had been ordered, cancelled.

However, I received my bank statement last Friday and noticed that payment for the aforesaid items was listed in the debit column.

I questioned my bank about this and was informed that the invoice had to be paid before it could be cancelled.

Surely this sort of misguided regulation is what enables scam artists to survive.

Surely it’s also something that could be easily rectified. Dixon M. Hinch, Gladstone

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