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CLARIFICAT­ION In an article, “Aussie coal is key to Indian poverty trap”, on August 8, Mr Surya Sethi, was described as a principal adviser to the Indian Government on energy and a member of the Internatio­nal Panel on Climate Change. These are roles he has undertaken formally and informally over the past decade, but not currently. Mr Sethi, who has worked on climate change for the Indian government since 2008 and co-written legislatio­n on electricit­y and power policy, has also advised, been a negotiator with and served on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Internatio­nal Panel on Climate Change. He is currently an internatio­nal adviser to the Internatio­nal Conference on Global Challenges, Policy Framework and Sustainabl­e Developmen­t for Mining of Mineral and Fossil Energy Resources and an independen­t energy and power consultant.

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