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Earls’ latest tale sure has the ring of truth about it


AUTHOR Nick Earls likes to take photos with his smart phone. The only problem is those photos are sometimes of the inside of his trouser pocket.

Earls (pictured) mined his own inner Luddite for material for his hilarious novel Analogue Men, published by Random House Australia.

The book has been short-listed for The Courier-Mail People’s Choice Book of the Year Award.

“People who read the book are relieved to find they are not the only ones who are being regularly outsmarted by their smart phones,” Earls says.

Earls, 51, says Analogue Men is a return to his comedic roots. The Brisbane author won fans with his breakthrou­gh novel Zigzag Street, which was a quintessen­tial Brisbane story. This book is too, although it is also partly set on the Gold Coast.

It is about Andrew Van Fleet, a family man with children who are streets ahead of him when it comes to technology, and Brian Brightman, a radio announcer whose career is not what it used to be.

Four fiction and four nonfiction titles have been shortliste­d for the $10,000 award and The Courier-Mail editor Christophe­r Dore says the titles show “the diversity and richness of content being produced”. The winner will be announced at the Queensland Literary Awards ceremony on October 9.

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