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1 Who did Darren Berry replace as coach of the Southern Redbacks cricket team? 2 Which three countries share a border with Eritrea? 3 Who played the role of Ivan Milat in the 2015 miniseries Catching Milat?

4 The niece of which former US president founded FEED Projects? 5 Trap Team is the fourth installmen­t in which video game series? 6 What term is used to describe a person from El Salvador? 7 Barry Humphries is best known for portraying which two characters? 8 The three main rock types are metamorphi­c, sedimentar­y and what? 9 True or false: the TV series The WotWots is set in a fish tank? 10 What is the official currency of Saudi Arabia? 11 Which Aussie won the 2015 Badwater Ultramarat­hon women’s event in 27 hours, 23 minutes and 27 seconds? 12 Who were the two main stars in the 2001 movie The

Wedding Planner?

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