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ARRIVALS: Viking Bravery to FI 1 from Port Kembla at 1pm; Cma Cgm Rose to FI 7 from Port Kelang at 1.30am; Sti Regina (NGF) to GrainCorp Liquid Terminals from Mackay at 12.01am; Xin Quan Zhou to FI 4 from Singapore at 7am; San Nikolas to FI 2 from Kaohsiung at 9.30am; Yasa Ozcan to Fisherman Island General Purpose from Cape Cuvier at 12pm; Mol Dedication to FI 5 from Singapore at 6pm; Forum Pacific to FI 11 from Port Kembla at 8pm. DEPARTURES: Cma Cgm Puget from FI 8 to Auckland at 3am; Mare Tirrenum (NGF) from Caltex Fisherman Islands to Singapore at 8.30am; Maersk Launceston from FI 9 to Sydney at 11am; Viking Bravery from FI 1 to Tianjin at 1pm; Anl Wangaratta from FI 5 to Yokohama at 2pm; Nyk Futago from FI 10 to Yokohama at 10pm.

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