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Can loudmouth bad boy Kyrgios turn a new leaf or will it be an … OPEN AND SHUT CASE


TOMORROW is the first day of the rest of Nick Kyrgios’s tennis life if he is smart enough to make the most of it.

Kyrgios, who starts his US Open campaign against Andy Murray tomorrow morning (Qld time), can change the conversati­on with his words and deeds in the world’s media capital.

A certain segment of the tennis demographi­c, both in Australia and around the world, is not going to give Kyrgios a second chance.

It’s just as well that Kyrgios has his 155,000 Twitter followers, the majority of whom are likely to be his age or not much younger. Older generation­s will not barrack for a 20-year-old with a sharp haircut and a sharper tongue.

But here are five ways Kyrgios can start to win back the lost legion:

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