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KEVIN Rudd sought a “sympatheti­c call” from Hillary Clinton after he was deposed as Prime Minister by Julia Gillard in June 2010.

Just three days after he was dumped by his own party on June 24, 2010, one of Mr Rudd’s staff told the US embassy in Canberra the former PM wanted a call from the then Secretary of State, emails released by the US State Department reveal.

In comments that suggest Mr Rudd was annoyed Mrs Clinton had not called him, former US ambassador Jeffrey Bleich wrote to US officials that the former PM’s aide said he “would have hoped” for a call.

“I spoke at length with former PM Rudd on Monday,” Mr Bleich wrote in an email on June 30, 2010.

“Although he did not raise the issue, his aide called (embassy official) Edgard (Kagan) afterward and noted that Rudd had not heard from S (Secretary Clinton), and would have hoped for a sympatheti­c call.”

Mr Bleich said he did not know whether Mrs Clinton should call Mr Rudd but thought he might have wanted to seek career advice from her.

“I have no strong point of view on this one. He has received such a call from POTUS (Barack Obama) already,” Mr Bleich wrote. “I think he and S had a good relationsh­ip and he may want to talk to her about his future career goals”.

In another email three days after Mr Rudd was rolled, Mrs Clinton told her long-time confidant Sid Blumenthal she “was sorry about Kevin Rudd”.

The emails are among 7000 pages of correspond­ence from 2009 to 2010 involving Mrs Clinton, who faces questions over her use of a personal email account during her time as Secretary of State.

The emails also offer a rare insight into the role Hillary’s daughter Chelsea plays in the Clinton family.

Writing under the code name “Diane Reynolds”, Chelsea offers advice on topics as diverse as the aid response after the Haiti earthquake – “the incompeten­ce is mind-numbing” – to content on the State Department’s website. “To my favourite secretary of state,” she writes in one email. “I have a complaint about the website. I can’t see video of your talks or q&a sessions – only the text!”.

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