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Teachers frustrated by red-tape tests


QUEENSLAND teachers are being weighed down by repetitive roll-taking, unnecessar­y paperwork and irrelevant meetings.

Instead of being able to focus on teaching, complaints in the latest Queensland Teachers’ Union survey found the main time wasters for teachers included having to repeat risk assessment­s, deal with unreliable IT and conduct unnecessar­y data tests.

QTU deputy general secretary Kate Ruttiman said teachers were being faced with an “obsession with data”.

“In reality, the data that is being collected isn’t necessaril­y being used to inform practice, it’s being imposed without any real purpose,” she said.

“Having to do extra tests is taking them away from those core responsibi­lities of teaching students.”

The survey, released late last month, took place over six months with more than 500 teachers and school leaders taking part.

Education Minister Kate Jones said she was working with teachers and the union to make sure teachers were supported to do their jobs.

Some teachers had to conduct tests every five weeks, assessing students before they were even taught the subject.

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