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Praise to Allah as ‘foolish’ man cleared of affray


SUPPORTERS of a Muslim man who intimidate­d an Iraqi Christian while wearing clothing with symbols associated with ISIS chanted “Allahu Akbar” as they walked out of a courtroom after he was found not guilty of affray.

Sydney magistrate Daniel Reiss described Sulayman Khalid’s behaviour as “obnoxious and disturbing,” when he and a group of friends surrounded a cleaner in an empty food court at Bankstown Central shopping centre last year.

“It is not in dispute that the accused was wearing a long religious-type garb with symbols identified or associated with ISIS,” Mr Reiss said. “For anyone to be marching around in certain garb and getting involved in a religious argument of that kind is very, very foolish and wholly unacceptab­le.”

Khalid was sentenced in Bankstown Local Court yester- day to a 12-month good behaviour bond after pleading guilty to intimidati­ng cleaner Petrus Matlub on August 10 last year.

The 20-year-old labourer was found not guilty of a second charge of affray.

Last year Khalid (pictured) made headlines when he appeared on SBS TV show Insight wearing a jacket emblazoned with a flag associated with ISIS for a debate about Muslim men going to Syria to fight.

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