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HE famously walked away from Million Dollar Minute but Grant Denyer is now Australia’s quiz master.

The Great Australian Spelling Bee and Family Feud host defended his decision to go back to the TV style he said was “not for him” just two years ago.

“I think it comes down to finding the right concept, no matter what it is, that fits your personalit­y and your skill set,” Denyer told Confidenti­al.

“I’m not an intellectu­al, which is why I’m in awe of these junior geniuses on The Great Australian Spelling Bee.

“My television is all about having fun as opposed to being serious.

“Being a father now, it’s wonderful to hold the hands of these guys as they go into TV for the first time.”

Denyer (pictured) stood by his criticism of Channel Seven’s surprise hit Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud after it scored more than 200,000 viewers than the Great Australian Spelling Bee in the nightly ratings last month.

He said what Channel 10 was doing was “far more powerful” after he tweeted “F--- It. I give up.”

“We were doing something special for all the right reasons and then a viral video show about cats gets more than a million viewers – it was a joke around the office really,” he said.

“No matter how hard you try in television, sometimes it’s something really silly and inane that captures the audience for the night.

“I think this is far more powerful and it’s been embraced exceptiona­lly well.”

Denyer also cleared the air about his relationsh­ip with former Sunrise executive producer Adam Boland.

Boland dished the dirt on the breakfast program’s stars, including Denyer, in his tell-all memoir released last year.

“I’ve never had an issue with Adam Boland,” Denyer said. “He gave me a great start in TV and has a really inspiring TV mind.” The Great Australian Spelling Bee airs on Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm on


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