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Level of desperatio­n in ALP pursuit of Heydon


YOUR Editorial ( C-M, Sep 1) was right to defend trade union royal commission­er Dyson Heydon (pictured).

The vehemence and hypocrisy of the attacks on the impartiali­ty of one who was a distinguis­hed member of our highest court and a leading academic lawyer speaks volumes about the desperatio­n of the ALP and its allies to shut down a commission that is effectivel­y performing its allocated role of disclosing evidence of union corruption.

Now, we are told, that desperatio­n extends to raising the matter in the Senate which will be asked, in clear breach of our Constituti­on, to advise the Governor-General to withdraw Heydon’s commission.

Should it accede to the Opposition’s request, it will do no more than again demonstrat­e the accuracy of Paul Keating’s memorable “unrepresen­tative swill” barb that he applied to the Senate.

The commission must now be allowed to complete its task in the careful and dispassion­ate manner it has already demonstrat­ed. John Kidd, Auchenflow­er THE hysteria surroundin­g the royal commission into trade unions by the Labor Party continues to fascinate.

The failure to remove the commission­er will now move to the Senate which may ask the Governor-General to do so. Logic would suggest that most organisati­ons would be happy to assist any inquiry that would help get rid of those who rort their members’ funds and yet both the unions and the ALP are fighting desperatel­y to defend these very people. Why? Tony Miles, Chermside IT IS right and proper that royal commission­er Dyson Heydon continue with his investigat­ion into corrupt conduct in parts of the union movement.

Unfortunat­ely, Labor and the unions will continue their harassment with legal battles and political interferen­ce in their bid to avoid publicatio­n and possible punishment for their inglorious conduct on many fronts. Frances Bensted, Rochedale South THE announceme­nt by Dyson Haydon that he will not be quitting his post as trade union royal commission­er will only prolong the political agony for the Abbott Government.

This could prove to be an extraordin­ary miscalcula­tion that will further exacerbate suspicions that the Abbott Government-sanctioned royal commission is a political witch-hunt. Eric Palm, Gympie I WOULD send an email to Dyson Heydon to say I think he should not sit in judgment on his ability to still head the union royal commission.

But he wouldn’t get to read it until that pesky secretary of his prints it out for him. Terry Marsden, Mansfield

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