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Show self-respect and give media a lead


IN REPLY to Karen Brooks’ column ( C-M, Aug 31) on the demeaning representa­tion of women, Lesley Brandis (Letters, Sep 1) suggested boycotting the offending magazines and TV shows.

This might work for the older generation.

However, one wonders if these types of media don’t accurately appeal to, and depict their audience of, younger women undergoing an identity crisis.

In aiming for perfection in appearance, motherhood and a career vaulting through glass ceilings, young women may well find they are not “superwoman” and are setting themselves up for crash landings.

Ideal motherhood and a meteoric career are diametrica­lly opposed.

Attendant anxiety is apparent in regression to obsessions with the quick-fix of clothing and cosmetics and the competitio­n and carping of immaturity in The Bachelor- type TV shows.

Women need to change their attitude, follow their hearts and show self-respect for their own abilities. Then the media may follow. Roslyn Smith, Middle Park IT SEEMS a waste of space for Karen Brooks to spend a whole column critiquing that other waste of space The Bachelor and its ilk.

If some women are vacuous enough to put themselves into these situations and other equally shallow people are happy to watch, do we also need to endure the endless reporting of such rubbish? Claire Jolliffe, Buderim

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