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Ringing danger for drivers


THE double demerit points police crackdown on repeat mobile phone use by drivers unfortunat­ely is needed.

What a shame everyone doesn’t have enough common sense and rationale to know that using a mobile phone when behind the wheel of a vehicle is asking for trouble in the form of a serious road accident that they cause.

Talking on one while driving is bad enough, texting is much worse again, and akin to driving while under the influence of alcohol at a high range.

Everybody needs to heed the message that mobile phones and driving are a bad mix. Let the phone ring out, ignore the text alert tone, wait until you can pull over safely on the side of the road and then respond to a call or text.

Any reasonable person, whether their call or text to you is personal or business related, will not expect you to break the law, risk a $353 fine and the loss of at least three demerit points, possibly six.

Whoever they are, they can wait. Tim Badrick, Toogoolawa­h

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