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7 New series is basically Real Housewives of Long Island, focusing on a clique that goes way back. Cori speaks into a translatio­n app to harp at her Latino maid. Andi sleeps in the same bed as her identikit “live-in friend”. Susan is “like a mob wife” and “not classy”. Gail is onto her second doctor ... If your brain doesn’t leak out your ear like Susan’s implant leaked out her chest, you’re set.

(CC) (Final) After six weeks, the top young spellers are put through their paces in the Grand Final of the competitio­n.

(M, R, CC) Gibbs’ archnemesi­s, Sergei, is the prime suspect in an explosion at a global summit. 10.00 NCIS: Los Angeles. 11.00 NCIS: Los Angeles. 12.00 The Project. 1.00 The Talk. 2.00 Home Shopping.




12.00 3.30


day’s news.

6.30 4.00 Life Today With James

Robison. 4.30 CBS This Morning.

7.00 8.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 WorldWatch. Filipino News. 8.40 French News. Greek News. 10.30 German News. Spanish News. 12.00 Arabic News. Turkish News. 1.00 The World From Above. France 24. 1.45 Journal. 2.00 PBS News.

Al Jazeera. 3.30 The Hunt For AI. (PG) A Year In The Wild. Cycling. (CC) La Vuelta a Espana. Stage 16. Luarca to Ermita del Alba, Quirós. 185 km mountain stage. Highlights. 6.00 Nigella Feasts. 6.30 World News. 7.30 Who Do You Think You Are? Peter Rowsthorn. (CC) Peter Rowsthorn is delighted to discover his family tree contains two convicts.

(CC) Presenter Jenny Brockie is joined by a panel of guests to discuss the topic of wills.

(CC) Internatio­nal current affairs. 10.00 World News. (CC) 10.30 Rectify. (PG, CC) 11.20 Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: Melbourne Bitesize. (CC) 11.30 Soccer. (CC) World Cup 2018

Qualifier. Tajikistan v Australia. 2.15 Tabloid. (Mans, R, CC) 3.50 Pet Shop Boys Cubism. 5.00 Korean News. 5.35 Japanese News.


Ent. Tonight. (PG) Huey. Ben’s Menu. Bold. (R, CC) Family Feud. (R, CC) Studio 10. (PG, CC) The Great Australian Spelling Bee. (R, CC) Dr Phil. (PGal, R, CC)

Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals. (R, CC) Ent. Tonight. (PG, CC) The Doctors. (PGa, R, CC) Judge Judy. (PG, CC) GCBC. (R, CC) Ben’s Menu. (CC) Bold. (CC) News. (CC)

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