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1. Surname of the person played by Jason Donovan in MDA. 5. Person played by Paul Guilfoyle in the series CSI: Crime Scene Investigat­ion. (3,5) 9. Actor Myles Pollard’s character in McLeod’s Daughters. (4,4) 10. In The Millers, who plays Tom Miller? His last name is Bridges. 11. In White Collar, Matt Bomer was _ Caffrey. 12. Actor who is Paul Robinson in Neighbours: Stefan _. 13. Family Law character: Danni _. 15. She was Mac Taylor’s partner in CSI: NY: Stella _. 17. He is a panel member in QI: _ Davies. 18. In Cold Case, Detective _ Vera was played by Jeremy Ratchford. 19. Actor Derek Fowlds was Oscar _ in Heartbeat. 20. Person played by Jane Krakowski in Ally McBeal. (First name) 21. Actor who was Detective Donald Flack Jr in 15 across. His first name is Eddie. 22. Benjamin Barber is _ Lawson in 12 across. 23. Series with the Manning and Sammler families: _ And Again. 24. Played Charlotte Beaumont in All Saints. (First name) 25. Sigrid _ was Laura Gibson in SeaChange.


2. Erik Thomson was Jack Jaffers in this show: The _. 3. Played Mr Bean in the series of the same name. (Last name) 4. Scorpion actor who is Walter O’Brien: _ Gabel. 5. In Friends, she was Rachel Green. (8,7) 6. Actor who is Vic Eastley in Glitch. (Last name) 7. In Private Practice, who plays Dr Cooper Freedman? (Last name) 8. Pictured actor. (Last name) 14. Ashley Madekwe is Ashley _ in Revenge. 15. He was Jimmy Berluti in

The Practice. First name is Michael. 16. Mae Whitman’s role in Parenthood. (5,4) 18. ER actor who was Dr John Carter. (4,4) 21. She was Piper Halliwell in Charmed. (Last name)

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