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- with Tony Jackman

Yeppoon Bridge Club is one of our state’s newest. It started in 2012 and will host the Barrier Reef Congress in 2017. It had its own annual congress last weekend with a capacity field. Victory in Saturday’s Open Pairs went to Rocky’s M. Allan/ K. Cupples, fresh from a strong performanc­e in the Queensland Open teams in Brisbane last weekend. Second were C. Stead/ E. Baker ahead of J. McKenna/ C. Murray. Mackay took the honours in Sunday’s teams won by B. Baldry/ T. Sheedy and Stead/ Baker. E&N. Gibson with J. Morris. A. Morrison took second, then J. Lanham/ P. Randall and W. Renton-Power/ D. Smith

E Dealer, E/W Vul Today’s auction saw South in 4H against the lead of CK. When dummy went down it looked an easy make – two club losers, with a spade finesse for an overtrick. Then it got tricky. East overtook CK with CA and returned C5. West won C10 and played CQ. Most trumped with dummy’s H10. East overruffed with HJ. Later his SQ scored and 4H was one down. It should make. At trick three, declarer must suspect East’s clubs were doubleton. Don’t ruff – pitch S3 from dummy. Later, S6 also goes on the extra diamond winner, and a third round spade ruff then gets you home.

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