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2 The queen starts to attend university and stands alone 7 Such an old character and first to move quickly 8 Left Ian to hammer it home 9 The French mother meets a Tibetan priest 10 Both the saint and the alien have to let it stand 11 The tiny ad which was seen to have such delicate charm 13 Go inside later and you’ll see it’s very liveable 16 Even the French can see the number required here 18 A young horse can be given the gun 19 Country where I joined the navy 20 It spoils Big Red 21 Transmit it with the ends included 22 Said to take most of the lead


1 How to keep alive when in a jam 2 Except if the United Nations has fewer to handle 3 One attraction seen to be kept tidy 4 One in four learn in about four years 5 Listen, here’s how to be uniformly attired 6 Failed to hit it because of the fog, we hear 12 You meet Lee and Get tidy for Christmas 14 Put your money in your underwear 15 Was pressed to do the laundry finally 17 Do get Capone to carry the burden 18 Mostly cause it to be heard in court


2 Having no equal 7 Ancient alphabet character 8 Fastener 9 Tibetan holy man 10 Let it stand 11 Of delicate charm 13 Used for dwelling 16 Cricket team 18 Young horse 19 Country 20 Planet 21 Transmit 22 Converses


1 Keep alive 2 Except if 3 Tidy 4 Occurring four-yearly 5 Join up 6 Thin fog 12 Christmas season 14 Furnish with authority 15 Pressed clothing 17 Burden 18 Lawsuit

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