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Dear Jonathan, One mystic likens the difference between free will and “knowing all” to watching a ferry from a hilltop. Up high, she could see the entirety of its path. People on the ferry, though, could only see this a bit at a time. Isaura ... Dear Isaura, But the captain could still have chosen to change course! ... Dear Jonathan, I found a website which said negative thoughts tend to reduce our free will. (But I can’t find it at the moment because my cat keeps jumping on my keyboard.) Jacqui ... Dear Jacqui, Perhaps your cat knows something we don’t!


“What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve.” Or so they say. Psychics, sensitives and even some psychologi­sts might beg to differ. We don’t have to witness an event to feel its ramificati­ons. We may not be able to understand a feeling but that doesn’t invalidate our emotional response. Look, for example, at what you are now starting to feel and at the encouragin­g amount of emotional warmth and support that is beginning to come your way. Don’t worry about what lies behind this, just be glad of it. Grab your chance to understand what’s happening. Make September great! Call 1902 222 500.


Many traditiona­l tales tell of a time when someone sets out to seek their fortune. Never is the adventure preceded by a planning session in which all potential routes and roads are evaluated and every contingenc­y is covered. There is something magical and meaningful about the allowance to spontaneit­y that must be made under such circumstan­ces. You may not know quite what to do for the best today. But if you just do whatever seems at the time to be the best thing you can do, the best outcome will ensue. Your in-depth new September forecast has news you’ve got to hear! Call 1902 222 500.


“The brighter the light, the stronger the shadow.” That’s what they say. A reassuring thing to know. If we’re looking at something dark, it can only mean that something bright is behind it, beside it or above it. So all we have to do is start recognisin­g that. Now there are, of course, some lights that are too bright to look at. They may dazzle, even blind us, if we try. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Nor does it stop us from seeing all that they may be illuminati­ng. Look beyond a shadow today, and you may yet see something hopeful. Make the most of September. Your forecast is inspiring. Call 1902 222 500.


If, as I suggested in yesterday’s forecast, “living is all about giving,” then it must also be all about forgiving. As I know I have created controvers­y when I have suggested this in the past, I had best qualify my comment. That does not mean that we are obliged to keep supplying what we are being asked for – or we are failing to fulfil our purpose if we withhold. To truly do either, we must first seek until we find some genuine generosity. The inspiratio­n behind that is precious. You may yet find some today. In your new forecast, I’ve got helpful news for you. Call 1902 222 500.


Others underestim­ate you at their peril. Well, perhaps that’s strong language. Perhaps I should say that they do so at the risk of embarrassm­ent. It is not that anyone may be putting themselves in mortal danger by failing to appreciate your finer qualities. But they are going to end up looking like a proper fool if they don’t give you credit where it is due. In one key situation now, assumption­s and mistakes are being made. You are not being treated with the respect you deserve. That should all start to turn around today. The planets are on your side in September. Call 1902 222 500.


Have you ever wandered down a busy street and seen a face that you recognise in the distance? just as you are getting ready to smile and wave, you look again and realise that you have made a mistake. That isn’t good old “so-and-so” after all. It is just that something about them triggered an associatio­n that sparked off a set of assumption­s. In much the same way, you may now be responding to a situation that seems similar to one you have encountere­d in the past. This is different. It is also good. Let me tell you what’s happening in September. Call 1902 222 500.


The figure in the ten-gallon hat surveys the saloon. All eyes are on him and all ears focus on the words he has to say. “My friends, a bad thing has happened on the outskirts of town and I hear tell that the same gang is due to strike again tonight. We need every brave citizen to saddle up, ride out and head them off at the pass. Now, who’s with me?” You may not, today, be able to round yourself up a posse quite this impressive but you may yet manage a greater show of strength than you currently expect. Looking forward to what September has to offer? You will be soon. Let me tell you why. Call 1902 222 500.


Despite the optimistic claims made by many a manufactur­er, one size never fits all. Indeed, as many a shopper has discovered to their chagrin, even when a specific size is clearly stated it may not match some other retailer’s definition of the same width or fitting. We are forever obliged to make adjustment­s and allowances for the difference between stated ideals and unstated realities. Today, according to one source of informatio­n, one particular story must be true. But what can you see with your own eyes? I have just recorded your heartwarmi­ng, September forecast. Call 1902 222 500.


When we look at our housing estates and shopping malls, we may conclude that the world is a steady, stable place. And when our eyes behold the wonder of the natural world and we see ancient hills, regularly flowing rivers, we can equally see the cosmos as insistentl­y consistent. Yet the potential for change is never more than a heartbeat away. I point this out, not so that I can encourage you to feel insecure, but by way of reassuranc­e. What you today suspect is a ‘done deal’ may yet provide a helpful, flexible invitation. It’s time to embrace the future. I’ll explain. Call 1902 222 500.


What kind of a world is this? Is that a strange question. Is this not the only world that any of us has any memory of? Isn’t any other kind of world an imaginary construct? The only folk who are qualified to make a comparison are aliens who observe us from their UFOs! And before we can seek their opinion, we must first decide that we believe in their existence! And we can’t ask each other. We would get back seven billion different opinions. But here is one definition that you will yet think fair today. It is a better world than you think. There’s a lot to look forward to. Call 1902 222 500.


In the story of Snow White, the Queen consults a magic mirror. We are never told what else that mirror can do or why it is so magical. All we know is that she asks it a dumb question. Who would ever want to be the “fairest of them all”? Surely, they just need some spell to ensure that they stay attractive in one particular person’s eyes, regardless of what everyone else thinks they look like! Perhaps the true moral of this tale is, ask a clever question if you want a useful answer. It is certainly the moral of your tale today. When you hear your forecast, things will change for the better. Call 1902 222 500.


What do you know? And what do you really know, as opposed, that is, to what you think you know? Now, at the risk of turning it all tortuous, if you don’t mind, may I ask if you know the difference between what you really know and what you think you know? If you only think you know it, you may not really know it! There is a reason why I’m saying all this to you today. There is a reason too, why you think you know what you know. You do know it – and are about to gain from rememberin­g what you have half-forgotten. Are you ready for a brand new month? Make September great. Call 1902 222 500. Teletopia. Max call cost $1.32 per minute, including GST. Higher charges from mobiles/payphones may apply. Customer care: 1300 366 702.

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