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SWIMMING golden girl Libby Trickett conquered the pool with four Olympic gold medals.

Last night she revealed she and husband Luke (right) have dived into the deep end of parenthood, with the birth of first child Poppy Frances (above with mum) on Monday night.

“Luke and I are so thrilled to announce that our little girl, Poppy Frances Trickett arrived into the world (a couple of weeks early!) on August 31 at 9.23pm,” the swimming legend posted on Instagram late last night.

“She weighed 2.98kg and was 51cm long. We can’t believe how lucky and blessed we are to have this gorgeous little being in our lives! We are so in love and be- yond happy!” she said of the birth which hopefully helps ease some of the heartache of a miscarriag­e last August that rocked her emotionall­y.

“Luke dealt with it in a far more logical and reasonable way but it really knocked me around,” Trickett, 30, said in March when revealing her second pregnancy.

“I was only eight weeks pregnant but you don’t realise how attached you become to the prospect of motherhood in that time.”

Trickett said waiting for Poppy was bigger than any race. “The anticipati­on and excitement I feel for this is a thousand times greater than I felt for swimming,” she said.

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