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Sand mining decision sparks lobby wars


THET decision to phase out sand mining on Stradbroke Island has sparked factional unrest in the Labor Party and unleashed a lobbying war.

But the mine’s owner, Sibelco, said it did not want to see the transition of North Stradbroke Island “turn into a game of political ping pong’’.

Independen­ts, including the pro-mining Katter Party MPs who hold two of the three votes needed if the LNP wants to kill off legislatio­n to phase out sand mining by 2019, have indicated they support continued mining. Mt Isa MP Rob Katter (left) said there were benefits to continuing the mine and “limited sense’’ in closing it when jobs were scarce. The Australian Workers’ Union said it would not get involved “at this point’’.

Sibelco also refuses to give up on a compromise deal to extend the mine’s life to 2027.

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