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This is no shorn the sheep

Hacked pollie in email row


THE RSPCA has called in a top shearer to trim a sheep that has evaded a haircut so long its life could be in danger.

A bushhwalke­r spottted the increedibl­y woolly ly sheep outsidede Canberra andnd called the he RSPCA , which mountted a rescueue mission on Tuesday.

The RSPCA said five staff members were needed for the job. It appeared the sheep had become lost t fro from his herd.

Merino sheep we were bred to gro grow wool and, if not regularly groomed,gro they couldcou have infections­tio and flystrike.

This sheep obviouslyv­io had not experience­dexp much humanhu contact in recentrec times. THE Redland City councillor caught up in the Ashley Madison hacking scandal had his iPhone, iPad and computer seized by the council amid fears he may have been continuing to access the site based on his comments on social media.

The investigat­ion into Cr Craig Ogilvie, who used the name “sweetlipsi­o”, uncovered emails from the cheaters website to his council email address dating back to 2010. He yesterday said he was limited in what he could say as the investiga- tion was continuing, and it was “too early to comment”, but confirmed emails were found.

“There were five emails ... in 2010 over a 10-day period,” he said. “That’s what I consider to be a non-event. They have taken on board comments I made about having access to the site using a private email address to seize my computers and see if the computers had been used to access the site using the private email.”

He said he was single and was not embarrasse­d.

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