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Kristen Stewart puts broody Bella Swan, R-Patz and the paparazzi behind her and revels in the joy of comedy, as Vicky Roach reports


Not t the run-ins with paparazzi, not the affair with her boss, not evenn the very public breakup withh long-time boyfriend Robertbert Pattinson … If she had her time over, Kristen sten Stewart says there’s re’s not a thing she would do differentl­y.erently.

“No, I would say, ‘Keepep going girl. Things ngs are going to turn n out f---ing awesome’,’’esome’,’’ says the 25-year-oldyear-old actor formerlyme­rly known as Twilight’s light’s Bella.

“It’s been hard, but every step I have taken en has led metome to this particular spot.

“And I wouldn’t change nge it. Not personally. sonally. Not profession­ally. fessionall­y. Nothing.”thing.”

Stewart is not suggesting gesting she hasn’t made de her fair share of mistakes. takes.

But less than three years rs after the final Twilight light film opened in cinemas, emas, there’s already a sensense that hermoreher more bruising ising encounters withh celebrity are now viewed wed through her rearview rview mirror.

And profession­ally, Stewartwar­t is enjoying a particular­ly ticularly sweet spot.

“I accidental­ly got veryy lucky and worked enoughugh in a condensed period. iod. Who knows, it could ld fall apart yesterday. Maybeybe it did,” she says.

“But when people do things ngs because they are genuinely uinely drawn to them, there re is just a compulsion, you can’t deny them.

“Even if my movies weren’t successful, I wouldwo do the things that made m me happy.

“Right now, it’s on a huge,h huge, crazy scale. But if it wasn’t, that would be fine.”fin

Stewart has made ni nine films since Breaking Dawn Pa Part 2, including Ang Lee’s Ira Iraqi war drama Billy Lynn’s L Long Halftime Walk, with Vin Diesel, and Kelly Reichart’s un untitled new project, with Mich Michelle Williams and Laura De Dern.

Right now, she is shootingsh­o a Woody Allen film in Ca California with Blake Lively, Steve Carell and her American Ultra co-star Jesse Eisenberg (her old mate from Adventurel­and).

Earlier this year, her strong supporting performan performanc­e in Still Alice stood out out—— even with even Julianne Mo Moore’s Oscar-winning star tu turn.

And in February, S Stewart became the first Ame American ever to be awarded Fr France’s prestigiou­s Cesar awa award for Clouds Of Sils Maria, i in which she starred opposite F French actor Juliette Binoche Binoche.

Stewart more than held her own in the ironic r role of publicist/personal as assistant to Binoche’s ageing d diva.

“It felt great but a also shocking because (t (the French) are as hars harsh as hell, they are bastards,’’ Stewart says. “I can only sa say that because they are s some of my best friends.

“I was so nerv nervous but Juliet said, ‘Don’ ‘Don’t worry, you will never neverw win. They will never, ever g give it to you’. I took her word for it. So when I did did, she screamed in m my ear.”

Clouds Of S Sils Maria director Olivie Olivier Assayas has a already signed Stewa Stewart up for his next proj project, the horror/fant horror/fantasy film Personal Sh Shopper.

“I have h had such a warm exp experience creatively with everythin everything I have done (in F France),’’ Stewart sa says.

“They have a differen different way of consum consuming art that I a admire. It’s not about enterta entertainm­ent, but truly about the mark y you are making. It’s f---ing important. I take my myself very seriously and I feel at home there artistic artistical­ly.”

Stewart still feat features regularly in gossip columns. Only now the focus now is her relationsh­ip with P PA/ girlfriend Alicia Ca Cargile, rather than Pattin Pattinson and her affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

But smart choices and a solid work ethic have turned much of the focus towards her films.

“It is gratifying, especially considerin­g I haven’t really changed my game,” she says.

While she may have come across in the past as an angsty young woman, uncomforta­ble in her own skin, she’s now far more poised, almost charming.

Interviews still don’t come easily, but she is no longer afraid of them. And she gives a good impression of being in control.

This new-found confidence might explain her foray into comedy — albeit of a very black variety — in American Ultra.

The movie is about a smalltown stoner (Eisenberg) who is completely oblivious to the fact that he is actually a lethal, CIAtrained killing machine — until his former trainer activates him. Stewart plays his girlfriend. “I basically play the straight man to Jesse’s neurotic, overly analytical character,” she says.

“It was fun keeping up with him. I didn’t put too much pressure on myself to be funny.”

Stewart pauses. You can almost hear the cogs grinding inside her brain as she makes a conscious decision to open up a little bit more.

“Right now, I think I am sort of hiding behind the straight man thing,’’ she admits.

“The first thing I did, when I heard the director was finished, was call him up and say, ‘Am I funny? Am I funny? Please tell me! Did it work?’

“Generally speaking, what I can say is that it is a good movie. We held it together. It is very real. I think I definitely have my moments.”

Further guaranteed to test Stewart’s creative limits is her often-expressed desire to direct.

“It’s my obsession,” she confirms once more. “It’s one of the only things I think about. It drives me absolutely up-thewall crazy. But I won’t do it until I am ready. I have worked with such incredible people, I don’t want to fall short.” SEE AMERICAN ULTRA OPENS TODAY

“I take myself very seriously and feel at home there artistical­ly” KRISTEN STEWART ON

THE FRENCH WAY “I basically play the straight man to Jesse’s neurotic character”



 ??  ?? Kristen Stewart would like more comedy roles, and has ambitions to
eventually direct a film.
Kristen Stewart would like more comedy roles, and has ambitions to eventually direct a film.
 ??  ?? Kristen Stewart
and Jesse Eisenberg who
plays the unknowing
Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg who plays the unknowing killer.

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