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Dan Auerbach is surprising­ly coy about the porny moans on the album from his new band The Arcs.

The Black Keys frontman has used the downtime while drummer Patrick Carney recovers from a shoulder injury to record with other mates.

And there on the song Come & Go are the sort of sensual cries one expects from Love To Love You Baby.

After some awkward verbal shuffling he puns “it just felt appropriat­e, it felt naked without it”.

It’s a little late for Auerbach to be feeling sheepish about making sexy music with Leon Michels, Richard Swift, Homer Steinweiss, and Nick Movshon, the men who helped him make records for Lana Del Rey.

Their debut album Yours, Dreamily, is out this week and underline that The Arcs is indeed a different beast.

For many years, Auerbach and his pals have used any spare studio time to jam. When he and Michels trawled through the hard drives earlier this year to see what they had, they unearthed more than 70 songs.

“I don’t think either of us released we were sitting on six albums’ worth of material,” he says. “Seeing how many songs we had was the kick in the butt we needed to get it together.”

Instead of polishing them, they regrouped and wrote and recorded a whole new album’s worth in a couple of weeks.

He singles out Michels and Swift with technical knowledge that dwarfs his own. “They literally know chords I don’t.”

The pedigree of the band members also explains how they were able to get Yours, Dreamily, done so quickly.

“We wrote all the songs together. It was a blank slate in the morning and we would get a song or two done by the end of the day,” Auerbach says.

“I think the quicker you record something, the more potent it is. You’re always trying to balance the energy with trying to be a perfection­ist.” HEAR YOURS, DREAMILY, (NONESUCH) OUT TOMORROW

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