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There’s no getting around it, Joy Division casts a milky grey shadow over Interpol, Savages and now Melbourne’s Gold Class. Lead singing foghorn (that’s a compliment) Adam Curley cut his teeth in punk bands and now leads this hotly tipped garage gloom quartet on their debut LP, one that promises much for future releases. The first earworm is “Let it go, goodbye, quick silver” on Furlong. Halfpace angular-grinder Half Moon Over juts its jaw out, daring you to punch it, calling your bluff like Harvey Milk. Michael gnaws away at the bone, “a beautiful boy with more lines on your face.” Pro Crank and Bite Down both trace the political contours of Siouxie Siuoux’s Banshees and pops the bird at the Mad Monk. SOUNDS LIKE: dystopian grooves, militant drums, punk IN A WORD: persuasive

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