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Take Taylor Swift’s 1989 on a three-day bender with Lorde holding its hair back and you might scratch the surface of what New Jersey’s Halsey is all about. She’s angry, honest and has the songwritin­g chops to fight it out with pop’s biggest heavy hitters. This 20-year-old’s take on relationsh­ips, late night encounters and drug binges is far from clean cut and in this day and age seems utterly refreshing — Halsey refuses to hide behind a PR machine. New Americana is the live anthem in waiting with a chorus to match “High on legal marijuana... raised on Biggie and Nirvana, we are the new Americana” she sings. Roman Holiday and Ghost raise the bar once again with seamless electronic pop. SOUNDS LIKE: a pop artist as colourful as her blue hair. IN A WORD: dark

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