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1 2 IMMORTALIZ­EDDisturbe­dLow metal COMPTONDr His Dre final sales No. album?1 mean another 3 4 BURNINGBon RareTHE Jovi GREATnon No. BRIDGES UNKNOWN1 BJ debut

5 Rob Matchbox HOMECOMING­Thomas 20 man is back

ShortThey still Stack have fans 6 1989 Taylor Swift

Dat Wildest Dreams video 7X

Ed Sheeran

On Home & Away tonight 8 BEST OF SOUL YEARS

Jimmy Barnes

Drops from No. 3 9 TITLE

Meghan Trainor

Still only platinum 10 TWO STRONG HEARTS

John F & Olivia N- J

Now a No. 1 DVD too

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