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OSHER Gunsberg changed his name. Now it is time to change his stylist.

Who is dressing the man formerly known as Andrew G on The Bachelor?

You would think that among the pashing, the backstabbi­ng and cat-fighting, Gunsberg’s attire might fade into the background, but no.

Scanning the wardrobe choices the host has made on the show would suggest that the styling team has been pulling garments from the racks at Lowes.

Flicking on to the Channel 10 show, you may think you have tuned in to an episode of Trinny and

Susannah’s What not to Wear.

Gunsberg (pictured) d) h has rocked brown suits, ill-fitting shirts and daggy dad ties – with little success.

Not even his boyish looks or perfect smile can save these fashion disasters.

One of Australia’s top menswear’s designers, Mark

Ferguson from Queensland label Wil Valour, said that Gunsberg’s styling was off.

“The host should set the standard. Unfortunat­ely, whoever is dressing Osher is failing the majority of the time,” Ferguson said.

He offered some tips to freshen up the look.

“To start, (Gunsberg) should always wear a jacket or a funky, fitted and ironed shirt,”shirt he said. “Light grey is the worst possible colour he could wear.

“If he was to wear a grey, it should be dark and blue based.

“He is a goodlookin­g man and on his way to being a silver fox, but unfortunat­ely most of his attire makes him look like an old man.”

With only a few episodes left to go, Confidenti­al is keen to see whether the former Brisbane boy can redeem himself in the fashion stakes.

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