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Practice for presidency?


IT SEEMS that MTV are looking for a Video Music Awards host even more controvers­ial than Miley Cyrus, with rumours Kanye West is on the wish-list for 2016.

Just days after Cyrus took charge of the often scandal-packed event, US media are reporting that MTV are already discussing getting West on board for next year.

Despite the rapper turning his two-minute Vanguard Award speech into a 12-minute attack on MTV, it has been reported that network bosses have West “on the table” for the hosting gig due to his impact.

The 38-year-old (pictured) was one of the biggest talking points after this year’s awards, following his declaratio­n that he will run for US president in 2020.

Viewership was also down for the VMAs on Monday, with West deemed to be the perfect man to bring an audience back to the awards show.

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