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SAM Wood from The Bachelor has defended the show against unfair editing claims, and also against reports that the bacheloret­tes were encouraged to drink at the rose ceremonies.

“It’s absolutely untrue, you can choose to have not a single sip in 13 weeks, or you can get drunk,” Wood said in response to the drinking claims.

“We are adults. There is alcohol there and you can choose.”

Last week, controvers­ial Melbourne bacheloret­te Emily Simms claimed she was drunk at the end of the rose ceremony when she walked out.

Simms also said she had been badly portrayed by producers, but Wood (pictured) doesn’t believe it.

“I definitely think the whole editing argument is rubbish,” he said.

“I think that is how Emily is. It portrays what she is like in real life.

“I had no idea she was quite so vicious on the other girls, and confident how far she was going to go herself. “I didn’t know that.” Wood said he was looking forward to the end of the show so that he could step out with his chosen girl and introduce her to his family and friends.

“I can’t wait until we can be together in public and we can introduce each other to our friends and do normal relationsh­ip things,” he said.

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