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Heydon’s decision has unions running scared


UNION leaders and Labor politician­s have been gaining great pleasure from their “Heydonisti­c” attacks on Dyson Heydon (pictured).

Their smiles would have turned to scowls on hearing that the eminent judge had ignored their pathetic, ill-founded criticism of recent events and has stayed on to finish the royal commission he started ( C-M, Sep 1).

They are all running scared. Decent Australian­s don’t want union leaders running the country, and when Labor is in control, that’s what happens.

These puppeteers need to be brought back to earth and Heydon is the man to do it. Ken Johnston, Rochedale South THE nonsensica­l allegation­s against unionists in the dubious royal commission, used daily as propaganda by the Abbott Government, seem to be the only feather that the LNP has left to fly its machine towards another election.

With most of its pre-election promises broken or badly bent, the economy much worse, high unemployme­nt and Budgets being rejected by the people and stuck in the Senate, the Coalition is playing the last card. That is to discredit the Opposition leadership and denigrate workers and their representa­tives, in the hope that the ALP will again descend into chaos – as did the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd experiment – and allow Prime Minister Tony Abbott to gain office by default.

“Once bitten, twice shy” would apply to the thinking of most voters. So when the next election comes along, Abbott and his team will be consigned to the political scrap heap.

If there has been bribery, surely the bribers are equally guilty as the ones accepting those bribes. If the laws have been broken, surely the state and federal police, crime commission­s and Fair Work Australia are capable of prosecutio­ns without the need for a royal commission. Max Tanzer, Elliott Heads IT’S interestin­g how the ACTU and other Labor luminaries want ethical Justice Dyson Heydon to stand aside because they feel he is biased.

That’s rich coming from a lot who push their own political wheelbarro­ws at the behest of union heavyweigh­ts.

On that basis every Labor politician should stand down because of their own union-dictated bias. Peter Perisce, Birkdale THE statement by Dyson Heydon, a former High Court judge, that he is computer and email illiterate beggars belief.

This is the person appointed by the Abbott Government to investigat­e alleged union corruption. His admission that he only reads emails when someone prints them for him is unbelievab­le.

The fact he investigat­es his own suitabilit­y to preside over this royal commission is a joke. Then to decide that he has satisfied himself of his own propriety is equally ludicrous.

Anyone called before him to answer his questions should decide whether or not they should appear and if they want to answer his questions. It’s the same analogy. Richard Crofts, Sunnybank Hills

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