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All driven to distractio­ns


QUEENSLAND motorists will face drasticall­y increased penalties for driving while using a mobile phone ( C-M, Sep 1).

Obviously texting while in charge of a vehicle is ridiculous­ly dangerous. But is holding a phone to your ear while looking straight ahead any more hazardous than eating, drinking, smoking, programmin­g a GPS or selecting from a media device? I don’t think so.

All these activities distract from the road ahead. Chris Banks, West End LET’S get serious with drivers using mobile phones.

Zero tolerance and a $3000 fine would be a good start. It might make some of the silly buggers wake up.

The starting point of a $353 fine and three demerit points is not enough. These people have been proven to cause accidents and many lives have been lost because of this.

I don’t wish to be a victim, or anyone else to be. The State Government should amend this quickly. People are killed and maimed daily. Jill French, Hervey Bay

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