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Today is September 3. Highlights in history on this date: 1189 - England’s King Richard I is crowned in Westminste­r. 1609 - English navigator Henry Hudson discovers Manhattan, looking for a passage to India on behalf of the Dutch West India Company. 1783 - Britain, France, Spain and the US sign a peace treaty of Versailles, officially ending Revolution­ary War. 1855 - All property of the Sydney Railway Company is transferre­d to the New South Wales government. 1894 - The Cambus Wallace runs aground off Stradbroke Island in the first of two events, which cause the island to be broken into North and South. 1901 - The Australian flag is flown for the first time, from the top of the Exhibition Building in Melbourne. 1916 - The first German Zeppelin bomber is shot down over England. 1939 - Britain, France, New Zealand and Australia declare war on Germany; Germans sink passenger liner Athenia off Ireland, killing 112 people. 1976 - US Viking II spacecraft lands on planet Mars. 1989 - Thousands of blacks march and bathe at “whites only” beaches in defiance campaign in South Africa. 2006 - Europe’s first spacecraft to the moon smashes into a volcanic plain as planned, signalling the end of a successful mission to test a new propulsion system.

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