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Jarryd was California dreaming


JARRYD Hayne has revealed how a bizarre dream several years ago proved the catalyst for him to quit league and pursue an unlikely NFL career.

The Origin star said he realised his future lay in the US during a trip to California in the NRL off-season.

“I remember it clearly,’’ Hayne said. “It was a T-intersecti­on. One where you either turned left or went straight ahead. And immediatel­y, I knew I’d been there before.

“It was in a dream I’d had. Years earlier. I was driving on the wrong side of the road and woke up thinking ‘how stupid ... that’s never going to happen’.

“But I’m at the intersecti­on thinking ‘I’ve been here’. That’s when I knew. All trip I’d been saying how I would love to stay in America. And really, it had been in my heart for years.

“And that moment, rememberin­g the dream of driving on the wrong side of the road, that was my sign. My clarificat­ion.”

After that Malibu drive last year, Hayne went to his motel room and prayed. When he emerged, he called manager Wayne Beavis.

“I knew what I was doing, it was big,’’ Hayne grins. “Still I rang home and said ‘Beave, I’m coming over here to play’.”

Just like that, Hayne walked out on league and turned his back on financial security.

“People these days, they’re more concerned with money and fame than pushing themselves to the limit,’’ Hayne said, standing by his locker stacked high with dirty sweats, tip sheets and that famed San Francisco 49ers helmet.

“No one wants to take the wild, crazy adventure anymore. Taking yourself places where you don’t know the outcome ... it’s the greatest thing to do.”

Hayne said he has been blown away by the support.

“It’s been amazing,” he said. “When this first started, I was expecting a lot of backlash ... but within a week of announcing the decision, all these messages started coming in.”

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