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Whale may have hit swimmer


is a law unto himself” and he deserved a jail term because he kept reoffendin­g.

Spizzirri (pictured) has 22 conviction­s for disqualifi­ed driving and five for unlicensed driving. Spizzirri’s extensive criminal history was tendered to the court ahead of an appeal hearing on September 14. He did solitary confinemen­t in jail because of his links to the Finks outlaw bikie gang.

When Spizzirri was sentenced on March 18, the prosecutor told the court Spizziri had no respect for the law: “When he gets in a car he’s basically just pointing his finger up to the courts and saying: ‘There you go, I’m driving again. What can you do?’ ” THERE were fears last night that a female paddleboar­der had disappeare­d after a close encounter with a whale on the NSW north coast.

The woman was last seen about 1pm paddling in rough seas between two whales about 500m off Hastings Point, north of Byron Bay.

When one of the whales she was near breached, an onlooker lost sight of her.

The onlooker alerted police, who last night had not located the woman.

Police were unsure if she returned to shore safely or was still missing.

The woman was described as wearing an orange bikini, and police said she could have left the area without being seen.

Nobody had been reported missing as of last night and a police spokespers­on said the situation would be reassessed this morning.

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