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Fury over bid to ‘cure’ gays


SHE’S one of the most controvers­ial Bacheloret­tes, but Brisbane’s Nina Rolleston says she can’t understand why people think she’s a bitch.

Rolleston (pictured) has made it to the final five on top-rating reality dating show The Bachelor. But not everyone is pleased with Rolleston still being in contention, with one Bacheloret­te calling her “two-faced” and another publicly fatshaming her.

Social media sites have also taken aim at Rolleston over her public scraps with other contestant­s.

Rolleston, back home in Queensland this week, said she was surprised at the controvers­y she’d caused.

She said it was a shock to see what the other contestant­s were saying about her.

“It was weird, because you don’t know it’s happening,” she said. “It was a shock to see the things (they were) saying. ”

As for the man in question, Bachelor Sam Wood, Rolleston admits she fell for the hunky 35-year-old.

“There’s a tug of war you have with yourself (in the house),” she said.

“You have a moment where you think ‘this is it’, but then you see how well he is getting along with the others.” “PRAY away the gay” services are operating in Queensland with several Christian organisati­ons promising to cure “unwanted same-sex attraction”.

Despite being condemned by lobby groups and health experts, conversion therapy is available at two businesses in Brisbane and Toowoomba.

Liberty Inc is an independen­t organisati­on offering 12week courses, fortnightl­y support groups, counsellin­g and booklets to men and women “struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction”.

Windsor man Johann De Joodt, 49, underwent 20 years of conversion therapy, including a course called “Living and Loving”, delivered by Liberty Inc and said he was sickened that Australian law still allowed these organisati­ons to operate.

“I had people commanding demons out of me and yelling for the spirit of homosexual­ity to leave me for good,” Mr De Joodt said. “It was so harmful because I lost all of my self-esteem and self-worth.”

When contacted by The Courier-Mail, a Liberty Inc spokeswoma­n said: “We don’t talk to the media.”

Another Toowoombab­ased organisati­on called Triumphant Ministries claims to restore those who have the “homosexual spirit”.

The ministry’s founder and self-proclaimed “ex-homosex- ual” Kathleen Malligan specialise­s in healing people with “sexual brokenness”.

“I write to give knowledge of the darkness linked to samesex attraction,” Ms Malligan wrote on her website.

Ms Malligan did not respond to The Courier-Mail’s request for comment.

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) national spokeswoma­n Shelley Argent attacked the disturbing practice as “extremely dangerous”.

“Your sexuality is not a choice and it cannot be cured,” Ms Argent said.

Mr De Joodt is petitionin­g the Queensland Government to abolish the practice of conversion therapy in the state.

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