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Alleged killer’s lawyer ‘confident’


POLICE will have the next six days to continue forensical­ly testing the car of the school friend accused of murdering Gatton teen Jayde Kendall.

In their search for further evidence, police made another crime-scene warrant order on Thursday to retain Brenden Bennetts’ red Toyota Corolla for a further seven days.

The 18-yearold (pictured) was charged with the high school student’s murder after her body was discovered on a property about 17km southwest of Gatton.

In a brief court mention in Ipswich yesterday, defence lawyer Brendan Ryan had the matter pushed forward to committal callover, where it is expected his client will plead not guilty.

Jayde was last seen entering a red hatchback outside Lockyer Valley High School in Gatton at 3.15pm on August 14. The 16year-old’s disappeara­nce triggered a massive 13-day search that dominated headlines for over a week.

Following the discovery of the body, it emerged a red Toyota Corolla was captured on CCTV travelling away from the crime scene towards Gatton at 5.06pm on the day she went missing.

Detectives investigat­ing the case said two withdrawal­s were made from Jayde’s account later that day at 5.45pm and 5.47pm.

Outside court, Mr Ryan told media he planned to apply for his client’s bail within the next two weeks, adding he was confident of successful­ly defending the charge.

“I can tell you he will be entering a plea of not guilty when this matter ultimately comes before the Supreme Court for trial,” Mr Ryan said.

Bennetts’ parents, who were in court yesterday, said people would be unlikely to understand what they were going through unless they had children of their own.

Magistrate Donna McCallum adjourned the matter until September 23.

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