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Appeal against $10b Alpha project thrown out


20 per cent stake. The activists have 28 days to appeal against the decision.

Coast and Country’s court loss was made more painful by the awarding of costs – expected to total tens of thousands of dollars – against them.

Their 2014 financial returns showed a loss of about $1000 for the year on revenue of about $58,000.

The decision removes at least one roadblock for the project, which GVK says will employ 5000 people during the three years of constructi­on.

There is still an avenue for further delays if an environmen­tal group chooses to appeal against the granting of a mining lease, which is the next step in approvals before GVK seeks coal sale agreements and financing.

The activists have a separate case against the $7.5 billion Adani megamine through a different entity, Land Services Coast and Country.

Alpha land owner Bruce Currie, who took the initial Land Court action against GVK, said he would be bankrupted if the Alpha mine went ahead because of the effect on groundwate­r.

“We are being bombarded by mines on all sides,” Mr Currie said. “I’m appealing to the Government for justice.

“If we lose our water, we lose our business.”

GVK spokesman Josh Euler said the decision backed the company’s environmen­tal work, which includes makegood agreements for the water.

“We really have invested tens of millions of dollars on environmen­tal assessment­s in

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