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Breathing alcohol innovation is a serious blow to common sense


AS A retired, and I like to think, responsibl­e grandfathe­r and naval veteran who is limited to two glasses of red wine daily due to lung complicati­ons, I find it absurd to read of yet another novel way to get “plastered” where alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstrea­m by “vapours” ( C-M, Sep 2).

With an average of 23 deaths annually in Queensland linked to domestic viol- ence, the majority of cases due to excessive alcohol and illicit drugs, I’d have to agree with Professor Jake Najman, director of Queensland’s Alcohol and Drug Research and Education Centre when he said it sounds “terribly dangerous”.

What is next on the radar, a smartphone that will emit an alcohol effect through the eardrums? BRITISH scientists are now telling us that salt can trigger obesity ( C-M, Sep 3). I have a book on natural health with that informatio­n from 40 years ago. THE winner of the prize for August is Christine Jones of Parrearra for her letter suggesting that teachers nearing retirement should be used to mentor younger teachers.

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