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Palaszczuk needs a little ‘can-do’ magic


PREMIER Annastacia Palaszczuk can talk all she likes about how to save the state’s economy ( C-M, Sep 4).

Despite his alarming lack of political smarts, former premier Campbell Newman had the only answer to the state’s economic malaise. That is to “sell state assets”, allowing new assets to be built and to reduce state debt from the Beattie/ Bligh years. This will kick-start the economy.

The LNP needs the political courage to tell it like it is, not squib the issue. Business, industry workers and tradies should be asking Independen­t Peter Wellington and the Katter’s Australian Party MPs why they are allowing the state to go to hell in a handcart. or that she simply does not want to.

I suggest she step aside and let somebody with the skills, knowledge and willpower to get this state going. Anyone can talk about anything, but it does not fix any problem. QUEENSLAND’S and Australia’s economy needs to be kick-started quickly.

Queensland needs two large infrastruc­ture programs to begin soon.

The first is a new rail tunnel under the Brisbane River, and for good measure add a worldclass undergroun­d city circle metro line.

The second is for the Bruce Highway to be increased to four lanes, stretching at least to Rockhampto­n.

Both projects are massive and expensive, but are vital for the success of our state be- cause benefits will flow during constructi­on and well into the future. They can only be built with the co-operation of both state and federal government­s.

Alas it will mean going against the election promises of both government­s to reduce debt, as large amounts of money would need to be borrowed. But how else will projects of this ilk ever be built? It makes good economic sense and is in everyone’s interest. WHAT is it with these business people?

On the one hand, they boast about their prowess and acumen and demand that government­s “get out of their way”, and on the other, when times get difficult they whinge about needing more government support.

They have supported two LNP government­s, one in Queensland and one federally, that have been so openly probusines­s that they have completely lost touch with the needs and aspiration­s of most Australian­s who are the main customers of these businesses.

Instead of blaming government­s and the unions for their woes, businesses should look to their own poor planning, undercapit­alisation and support for a free market that favours ruthless competitio­n and only “winners and losers”.

If business leaders and owners gave more thought to their customers’ real needs and welfare they might see a correspond­ing reciprocal benefit. CALLS by business for the State Government to initiate a stimulus program are not only naive and self-serving, they are dangerous.

Queensland and Australia have been living in a fool’s paradise for decades.

We have an economy built on artificial demand created by excessive debt/credit. We have spent unearned income today and thus stolen from future generation­s.

The solution suggested by some in the business sector is for the State Government to spend money it doesn’t have on various projects to save the bacon of business. That would almost certainly require more government indebtedne­ss when debt is already excessive.

World events of the last seven years demonstrat­e the futility and stupidity of that strategy. Recessions and depression­s arise from inappropri­ate economic behaviour and are necessary natural events.

We need a recession to restore realism and make us rethink our economic strategy.

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