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Termite treatment leaves boy with brain damage

Nine perish as fishing trip takes a tragic turn


FLORIDA: A 10-year-old is unable to feed himself and suffers from “uncontroll­able twitching and flopping” after a botched home fumigation.

Peyton McCaughey (pictured), his mum Lori, dad Carl, and little sister returned to their home in Palm City, Florida, two days after it had been treated for termites. They had been told by the fumigation company the house was safe to return to but that night, they all started vomiting.

While the rest of the family started getting better, Peyton’s condition reportedly worsened and he started having muscle spasms and impaired speech and movement. He was taken to hospital and remains in a facility, where he is barely able to talk. Doctors say he could have suffered lifelong brain damage.

“He has traumatic brain injury and a loss of motor skills,” the McCaugheys’ lawyer, Bill Williams, told CNN.

“The rest of the family is fine, thank God. The little boy isn’t.” SEOUL: Nine people died and an undetermin­ed number of others were missing after a fishing boat capsized off South Korea’s southern coast, maritime officials say.

Three people with injuries that weren’t life-threatenin­g were flown to a hospital, coast guard officers said.

The 9.8-tonne boat, Dolphin, lost communicat­ion with another boat on Saturday evening and was found yesterday morning north of the resort island of Jeju. A survivor told Yonhap news agency that the boat quickly capsized because of high waves.

The survivor, identified only by the surname Park, woke to find the captain telling the passengers to get out as the boat filled with water. Park said survivors clung to the boat for more than 10 hours, but some disappeare­d in the strong waves before rescuers arrived.

It wasn’t clear how many were on board, but most were passengers on a fishing trip.

South Korea is still dealing with grief and anger over a maritime disaster last year that killed more than 300 people, mostly schoolchil­dren, when a ferry sank off the southern coast.

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