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Reef alarmists risked jobs


GREEN activists should put down their ideologica­l manifestos once in a while and enjoy a little light reading. Aesop’s fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf would be a good place to start – a good lesson in the risks of raising the alarm unnecessar­ily.

All Queensland­ers would welcome the findings of a new study that shows our glorious Great Barrier Reef is in far better ecological health than made out in the ridiculous scare campaign waged this year ahead of its threatened listing as “in-danger” by the United Nations. While some damage from cyclones and industrial run-off was expected, fears of widespread bleaching appear to have been misplaced, and the Reef’s recovery is rated as “excellent”.

Our relief at UNESCO not listing the Reef as “in danger” a few months ago should now turn to anger at the Greens for beating up an issue to the point of threatenin­g a large part of our $9 billion tourism industry. History might teach us there are more votes in fear and exaggerati­on than in love or truth, but that’s no reason for the Greens-backed activists to have put thousands of Queensland jobs in danger.

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