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The Peter Beattie ‘blueprint’ out of date


HOW could former premier Peter Beattie have the temerity to offer any type of advice on how to fire up the state’s shrinking economy (C-M, Sep 5)?

Queensland’s economy never exactly blossomed under Mr Beattie’s leadership or his Smart State strategy. Gerard T. O’Neill, Brisbane City

THE “Beattie blueprint” for the Queensland economy underscore­s the self-evident truth that future jobs will come from scientific and technologi­cal discovery and developmen­t of those discoverie­s.

Those discoverie­s ought to be made in Queensland and capital must be found to translate those discoverie­s into commercial outcomes here.

There is no reason why Queensland should not be the California of Australia in regard to Smart State science and technology.

We already have the climate. Now we just need the political will, twinned with entreprene­urial enterprise and ingenuity and drive to do so. David Muir, Indooroopi­lly

FORMER premier Peter Beattie did more damage to Queensland than any premier before or since.

He handballed the mess to Anna Bligh, and her only option was asset sales, which cost her the election.

Now why on earth would anyone listen to what Beattie offers to solve the state’s problems? John Stewart, Chapel Hill

FORMER premier Peter Beattie has more front than Myers. Liz Haydon, Runcorn

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