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BUSINESSES or brides looking for a quirky space, hidden warehouse or hipster barn don’t have to spend hours looking for a venue.

A new website, Use Our Place, is making the process simple with a onestop comparison and booking tool.

Just as anyone can become a taxi driver with Uber, owners of houses, barns, offices or laneways can hire out their venue.

Unlike other venue-hire websites, Use Our Place offers quirky solutions outside the normal office or vacant house, and it even provides spaces like libraries, warehouses, villas and salons.

The brainchild of Paul Carr and Adrian Brown has only just launched from its beta phase and has already attracted a lot of booking requests.

“Before we came out of beta last month, we started receiving inquiries on the site, and it just spread by word of mouth,” Mr Carr said. “We now have more than 150 properties around the country.”

The pair came up with the idea after talking to a relative who hired out his home in Byron Bay on Airbnb for weekend stays and weddings, making enough money to cover his mortgage.

“We saw what Airbnb was doing with accommodat­ion and thought, ‘Why don’t we do the same with events’,” Mr Carr said.

The pair are already looking to diversify to make Use Our Place a one-stop event-planning portal connecting customers with other partners.

 ??  ?? BARN-STORMERS: Adrian Brown (left) and Paul Carr. Picture: Josh Woning
BARN-STORMERS: Adrian Brown (left) and Paul Carr. Picture: Josh Woning
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