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THE internet is a marvellous invention. However, retirees like me need to be fussy ducks when using it. Only the safest and most secure sites and computers will do.

This is especially the case when finances are involved. Skilled hackers and fraudsters are out there dreaming up ever more devious ways of getting between you and your money. Don’t let them. Here are some basic tips:

Make sure you have current antivirus and internet protection for your computer/s and mobile devices.

Public computers are not secure and should never, ever be used for banking or any other purpose for which you have to input bank account or personal details.

Never open attachment­s unless you know who the email is from.

Remember, your financial institutio­n will NOT ask you for your details via email.

Never part with your credit card. Stand over anyone you have to give your card to.

In 2014, Australian­s lost about $90 million to scammers. Being ripped off by the supposed love of your life is costly.

Scammers use the telephone as well as the internet. Put your name on the Do Not Call Register. If someone does call, ask questions: who are you and where are you from? Write the informatio­n down.

The website has some valuable informatio­n about keeping money safe, and don’t forget to be a fussy duck. Kerrin Falconer is a finance writer and has worked in the financial services industry for 18 years.

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