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Pedophile and wife quizzed over missing toddler


breach of an AVO or court orders placed on him at the time of his 16-month suspended jail sentence handed down on February 19.

This comes after police revealed on Sunday’s 60 Minutes program they were seeking informatio­n about two cars – a white station wagon and a grey sedan.

Bickford, former president of support group GAPA (Grandparen­ts As Parents Again), was seen leaving the home at 9.15am in a white sedan. He returned roughly 15 minutes later.

Bickford pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting an 11year-old girl who has Asperger’s syndrome. “He’s a bloody fool (for pleading guilty),” his wife Sandra said. Mrs Bickford said homicide detectives had interviewe­d her and her husband about William.

She claimed last week that her husband was banned from living with her and the child residing at the same address.

The family of Bickford’s victim described him as “the low- est of the low” and said they wanted him exposed as a convicted pedophile.

“It was extremely difficult and it was also extremely disappoint­ing what the end result was,” her grandfathe­r said.

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