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Ribs on the menu, rack off, as prices head north


THAT Australian classic the beloved lamb rack is out, but trendy on-the-bone lamb ribs are in, with chefs favouring secondary cuts as the price of red meat climbs.

Super Butcher managing director Susan McDonald said sales of lamb ribs had climbed by 40 per cent in the past 12 months, while the once-popular l lamb b rack had dropped by 10 per cent. “We’re selling out of the lamb ribs, which are a quarter of the price of a rack, but still have that same sweet flavour a as they are both on the bone,” Ms McDonald said. “It’s a s savvy move for chefs, as it’s absolutely one of the best v value cuts of lamb.”

Most of Australia’s lamb was produced in the s southern states, so the product had not been as badly affect ted as beef in terms of prices, Ms McDonald said.

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